Allround medewerker IT systems and devices

As an employee ICT Management in training you will work in a team. You’ll support in the day-to-day management and maintenance of the ICT infrastructure. To be able to do this you feel comfortable with the Windows family. Maintaining ICT systems and devices is becoming more automated every day. Working smart by optimizing and automating returning maintenance jobs using systems and tools or building and testing automation scripts is a valuable skill. Improving the quality and efficiency of device maintenance and management. Patch management is a service we deliver to our customers. Periodically we plan this service at our customer to keep them on the most recent patch levels of our solution. Supporting in this partly automated service needs some very accurate involvement of an employee. Working in a team means following protocols with a high sense of responsibility. Keeping systems up and running, healthy and secure.

Naar wie zijn wij op zoek?

In our infrastructure we use a plethora of systems, brands and technologies. We try to align and simplify these as much as possible. Being aware of the used components and the function in the total architecture is paramount. Some components, technologies or brands you might encounter: Windows Desktop and Server 2012 and up Linux ESET End point security Office 365 Databases MS SQL and Oracle Docker As part of a team we expect the student to act as a team member. Working in a team means following protocols with a high sense of responsibility. Keeping systems up and running, healthy and secure. Design and improve procedures, but also maintaining documentation on the systems, devices and processes. While part of the job is to use and maintain the existing infrastructure, we are always trying to optimize and develop this infrastructure and our processes. The student will be challenged to be part of or initiate these optimalizations.

Wat biedt het bedrijf?

CrescentOne is located on the Brainport Industries Campus (BIC) in Eindhoven, close to the airport. The BIC is a vibrant location where a great diversity of organizations has their offices and factories. Goal of the campus is to facilitate and stimulate these organizations to join forces. This goal is implemented in several innovation projects where we work together on the factory of the future. The BIC is a large and modern facility, easy to reach and a pleasure to work in the center of the High-Tech discrete manufacturing industry of Eindhoven.

Wat ga je leren?

  • Ondersteunt gebruikers
  • B1-K1-W1 Handelt meldingen af
  • B1-K1-W2 Instrueert gebruikers
  • B1-K1-W3 Installeert, configureert en beheert gebruikersdevices
  • Beheert de infrastructuur
  • B1-K2-W1 Installeert en configureert netwerk- en infrastructuuronderdelen
  • B1-K2-W2 Beheert en monitort netwerk- en infrastructuuronderdelen
  • Beheert applicaties
  • B1-K3-W1 Adviseert over, installeert en configureert applicaties
  • B1-K3-W2 Onderhoudt applicaties

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